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“When I found out there was a weekend option for my vasectomy I was very excited. I have a work schedule that is difficult for me to get off time during the week. At first my wife and I wondered about a weekend clinic. Once we were treated by Maria at the front desk and Lindsay talking to us it set your minds at ease we had picked the right option for us. Dr Parkinson made us laugh almost the whole visit. To see a doctor with a great sense of humor really helped to ease my nerves about the procedure.

“The procedure itself could not have gone better. Dr Parkinson told me it would take 15 minutes, my wife timed him it took eight. It was nearly pain free and I was back to work on Monday. I really cant say enough good about Dr Parkinson and his staff at the weekend vasectomy clinic. If they were not there on a Saturday morning for my convenience I am not sure we could have made the step to have the vasectomy done.”

“Very happy patient and even happier wife!!!”


“My wife set up the appointment and told me that my excuse of no time for a vasectomy was gone. I laughed said, ‘Yeah right, I am working all week until late.’ She smiled back and said, ‘You are free Saturday morning.’

“We both went in for the appointment. All my questions were answered. The next thing you know, I have Dr. Parkinson telling me, ‘Now nothing but a bag of frozen peas and a remote control this weekend.’ It was that quick and done almost pain free.

“Dr. Parkinson had a great sense of humor. Seriously, he had to tell my wife and I to stop laughing it was making his job harder. Great experience.”


“Getting a vasectomy at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic was really a no-brainer for me and it should be the same for you. First off, I didn’t need to take any time off of work because of the convenient weekend schedule they run. The Atmosphere was relaxing and the staff was knowledgeable, friendly and really made you feel at home.

“Next, the procedure was not like anything I expected. Being a no-scalpel and -noneedle procedure things move FAST! A little pinch is pretty much all I felt and the doctor explained everything as it was happening, which helped soothe my nerves. After 11 minutes, I was done. A band-aid and a prescription for pain was all I needed and I was on my way home.

“Finally, my recovery was faster than I had expected. After spending the rest of the weekend icing and relaxing, I was able to go back to work the following Monday. A small bruise at the site was the only indication that anything had happened, and after two weeks all pain and the mild discomfort were gone. The mild discomfort is akin to a post shot to the boy’s region—not debilitating, but the you-know-its-there kind of feeling.

“I highly recommend the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic and its wonderful staff to anyone considering a vasectomy, you will not be disappointed.”


“When I wanted to schedule a vasectomy, I had some questions I wanted to have answered before I set up my appointment I was called by Dr Parkinson personally. We talked about my concerns. He told me on the phone I could expect to be at the office for about 20 minutes total. I laughed he said no really. I mean who has ever gone to a Dr Office and not spent 20 minutes in the front office. I fully expected to be there for an hour. I walked in and told him “you are on the clock”. 17 minutes later I walked out vasectomy DONE!!!!!!!!

“Great experience everyone in the office was great to work with.”


“After hearing the horror stories of my friend who walked around the office bowlegged for a week after his vasectomy, I thought that we might have to have my wife’s tubes tied. Then, another co-worker told me about a completely different experience he had had at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic. He said it was very easy and spoke so highly of Dr. Johnson. He had had the procedure on Saturday and was back at the office without any problems on Monday.

“Everything my co-worker told me was spot on. I had a great experience and would highly recommend the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic to any couple thinking about a vasectomy. (And the cost was less than half that of the tubal.)

“Be careful, if wives start to talk, you may just be spending next Saturday morning with the team at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic.”


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