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The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is pleased to announce the opening of its newest clinic in the Weber/North Davis area. Opening on February 11, 2017 in the Westside Medical Clinic at 1477 North 2000 West in Clinton, Utah, the clinic provides vasectomies on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings to minimize, if not negate, any interruption the procedure might have on a patient’s work schedule.

Provided by doctors Corey Ericksen, D.O. and Tyler Dixon, D.O., the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy is not only less invasive and painful for the patient, but also has a quick recovery time. Most patients who have the vasectomy procedure on Saturday are back to work by Monday.

“We started the weekend vasectomy clinic in October 2014 with the simple idea that a vasectomy done at a more convenient time would be a good idea,” said Dr. Justin Parkinson, chief medical officer of the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic. “2 years later men of Utah have proven that to be the case. As we continue to grow we would like to continue on the same lines of a more convenient time by making it a more convenient location.”

Be looking for more locations along the Wasatch front to make not only the timing of your vasectomy convenient but also the location. We are so thankful to our previous patients who have trusted us in the very personal decision to have a vasectomy and look forward to many more satisfied customers in our market

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