Mail-In Specimen Kits Now Available

No More Dropping off Specimen Samples

You are not sterile until you have at least two confirmed negative specimen samples!

The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is pleased to announce the availability of a mail-in specimen kit. You can now avoid the hassle of taking your sample into a clinic on a specific day, and simply drop your specimen into the mail. Specimen kits cost ~$30 for a single mail-in kit, and ~$55 for two.

The Mail-in Kit Includes:

  • One pre-postage mailing box
  • Two-vinyl gloves
  • One latex condom (instructions and precautions regarding condom use can be found at a different condom may be utilized at the user’s discretion
  • One specimen bag labeled biohazard containing small absorbent sheets
  • One specimen collection container, contains poisonous preservative
  • You still need to wait at least six weeks or 25-30 ejaculations prior to sending in your first sample. You will also need to send in a second sample at a minimum of six weeks after sending in your first sample.

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