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Mail-In Specimen Kits Now Available

No More Dropping off Specimen Samples

The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is pleased to announce the availability of a mail-in specimen kit. You can now avoid the hassle of taking your sample into a clinic on a specific day, and simply drop your specimen into the mail.

Even though the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic will cover the cost of the mail-in specimen service for all of its patients, you still need to wait at least six weeks or 25-30 ejaculations prior to sending in your sample. You will also need to send in a second sample at a minimum of six weeks after sending in your first sample.

You are not sterile until you have at least two confirmed negative specimen samples!

Request Mail-in Specimen Kit

The specimen kit is provided as a service to Utah patients of the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic. If you are not a patient of the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic, you may request a mail-in specimen kit, however, costs may be associated.
  • Please provide the approximate date on which you had your vasectomy.

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