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The Cost of a Vasectomy

The upfront cost of a vasectomy can be large at first. However, our blade-less and needle-less vasectomy technique leaves you with less pain and helps you to get back to the activities that you love to do.

A vasectomy is a big choice to make; however, it is also the most dependable form of birth control available. It is the most sure way to be able to enjoy sexual activity without the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Getting a vasectomy has some great benefits; however, it is a decision that needs thoughtful consideration from you and your spouse.

Overall, if you and your spouse think that a vasectomy is right for you, it is worth it to go with our more innovative technique. A lack of scalpel and needles means a much faster and more comfortable recovery time. Have peace of mind that you are getting the most advanced care and won’t have to miss work on Monday!

A Vasectomy’s price can be high, but fortunately we are in-network with most insurance companies. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover a vasectomy, we have done our best to keep the price affordable and still be able to give you the best possible care. In some situations, a large upfront cost is too much. We have thought about patients in that situation and also offer a payment plan. That way you can distribute the cost over a longer period of time and give yourself some more financial wiggle room. For more details on the cost of worry-free sexual intimacy, look below.

Vasectomy Price

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