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Convert 4 Hours into 4 Times the Revenue

What is the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic?

The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic was founded in 2014‭ ‬on a simple premise‭ ‬–‭ ‬provide patients with a high-demand procedure at a time that is most convenient for them‭. ‬Since 2014‭, ‬we have performed over 5‭,‬000‭ ‬vasectomies‭. ‬We are now helping independent physicians enhance their revenue opportunities by developing a Weekend Vasectomy‭ ‬Clinic within their existing practice‭.‬

The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is a specialty clinic that produces a high-volume number of vasectomies on Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings‭. ‬This allows patients time to recover over the weekend and return to work on Monday‭. ‬A high-volume vasectomy clinic will typically complete 10-15‭ ‬vasectomies back-to-back‭. ‬New Weekend Vasectomy Clinic doctors generally perform 1-2‭ ‬vasectomies per hour‭.  ‬Soon your clinic will be efficient at performing 2-3‭ ‬vasectomies per hour‭.‬

The Turnkey Solution

Joining our team at the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic will enhance your existing practice‭. ‬We do the marketing to grow your vasectomy‭ ‬patient base and drive new patients to your practice‭. ‬We generate and screen every vasectomy lead‭. ‬Our board-certified urologists will coach you on the most recent no-needle‭, ‬no-scalpel technique‭, ‬which is quick and less invasive and allows for the quickest recovery for your patients‭. ‬

Financial Opportunity

A high-volume vasectomy clinic will be among the highest compensated time you spend in your medical practice‭. ‬A typical primary care provider completes 16‭ (‬99213‭) ‬office visits in four hours generating approx‭. $‬1,440‭ (‬16‭ ‬X‭ $‬90‭). ‬A typical Weekend Vasectomy Clinic completes 10‭ ‬vasectomies‭ (‬55250‭ & ‬99203-57‭) ‬in four hours generating approximately‭ $‬6,340‭ (‬10‭ ‬X 634‭)‬‭*. ‬

*Based on a yearly average of procedures completed at current Weekend Vasectomy clinics

How it Works

Patient Procurement

  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic builds and maintains a website designed to generate vasectomy leads
  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic provides a proven marketing platform to recruit new vasectomy patients
  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic qualifies every phone and web vasectomy lead and sends you vasectomy patients ready to schedule


  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic provides an instructional video for patients that streamlines office efficiency
  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic provides opportunity for ancillary revenue‭ (‬ice bags‭, ‬compression shorts‭, ‬nitrous‭, ‬exparel‭) ‬
  • The Weekend Vasectomy Clinic provides doctor and office staff training

‭(‬Plan on visiting our office to see how efficiently a Weekend Vasectomy Clinic is run.‭)‬



  • You dedicate a minimum of 4‭ ‬consecutive hours/month exclusively for vasectomies‭ ‬‭(‬Fridays and/or Saturdays‭)‬
  • You schedule the procedure‭, ‬confirm appointments‭, ‬verify insurance‭, ‬receive prior authorization


Procedures & Payment

  • You perform the procedure in your clinic
  • You bill the patient’s insurance and retains all receipts generated
  • You pay the Weekend Vasectomy Clinic for each vasectomy performed


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